Delivery T&C's


Delivery times vary throughout the day. We can not allow you to select a time slot as routes are all planned. If you require a cake first thing in the morning, it is best to order delivery for the day before.

No deliveries to quarantine facilities. 

 Deliveries to the above locations will be cancelled. 

Change of delivery address

Kindly inform us at least 3 days before your expected delivery if there are changes to the delivery address.

Unsuccessful Delivery

If the delivery is unsuccessful due to the following reasons:

  1. No one is available to receive the order 
  2. Unable to be contacted despite several calls and texts 
or if you fail to receive the order within 10 minutes from the time the order arrives at the provided address, your order will be cancelled and no refunds will be made. 

Differences in colour/design from image shown on website

Colours are mixed individually for each design. As two colours or more are required to achieve the desired colour, there maybe be a slight difference in the outcome of the final colour. Lighting and storage plays a part on how the cake would turn out as well.
There may also be a slight variation for the final outlook of the cake as each of them is crafted individually, the end product will not be of 100% resemblance. 

Damaged Cakes

Damaged cakes will be assessed on a cake-by-cake basis. Please contact us via email with the order confirmation details and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours.